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We Are Nomad Linguist

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We connect you with online employers.

Nomad Linguist prepares you to become an English/ESL teacher and find your ideal
Ed-Tech employer.

Meet The Team


Jess C. Furner

Director of

Jesse lives to help others grow! After graduating in sustainability and business, he lived in South Korea and China for nearly 10 years where he taught English, designed curriculum, and managed a school. He now works as an edtech-fintech entrepreneur. His biggest passion is helping others get more out of life through a digital nomad lifestyle. 


Paul Wilson

Relationship Manager

Paul is an unabashed generalist with an MBA in technology management. With extensive background as a professional English book editor and certified meditation teacher, he strives to help others develop clear, correct communication skills and achieve their next level of best. "Language is the foundation of education."

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