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Frequently Asked Questions

What technology is required to teach online?

A computer with an HD webcam, a microphone headset, and an internet connection of at least 20 Mbps. Many countries easily provide the required internet speeds.

How much money can I earn per hour?

For teachers with a college degree, you can earn around $20 to $25/hour or more as a more popular teacher. Those in college can earn an average of $15/hour.

Can I create my own schedule?

Yes! Ed Tech companies schedule specific times that teachers connect with students, however you can choose which days and times you are available.

What is the minimum number of hours required?

Some Ed Tech companies require a minimum of hours and some do not. We do the legwork to help find the perfect Ed Tech company for you!

Do I need a bachelor's degree?

The highest paying Ed-Tech companies require a degree and/or a TEFL, however, we can connect you with at least two companies that only require you to be in college.

Do I need experience teaching?

You do not, yet any experience you have tutoring, babysitting, etc. can go a long way! Don't worry, we're here to get you up to speed if you don't have prior teaching experience.

Do I have to create my own curriculum?

Not at all! As a recruited Nomad Linguist, you will be provided with a curriculum to review before your teaching sessions begin. 

Do I have to check homework?

Nope! None of the Ed Tech companies we work with require homework from

the students.

Do I need to be from the US or Canada?

You can be from any English-speaking country for most Ed-Tech companies. We are also developing relationships with Ed Tech companies who will accept non-native fluent English speakers.

How will I get paid?

For teachers in the US and Canada, you can be paid directly into your bank account by the Ed Tech company. For those outside North America, we can take care of payroll for you so you can avoid exchange rates and expensive bank fees.

Do I need to take taxes out?

For teachers living and working in North America, it is a good idea to save money from each paycheck for taxes. Although if you are a traveling Nomad Linguist, you do not have to pay taxes on up to 100k. If you are out of the country most of the year!

Can I travel often and do this job?

Of course! We encourage it! Even if you're just traveling within your country! We'll even be developing a forum for all the teachers to share stories, advice, adventures, and much more!

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